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'Costa del Sol's Not-so-Fantastic Plastic Tidal Wave!'

Ahoy, sea lovers! If you were hoping the Costa del Sol coastlines were just swimming in sun, sand, and sangria, think again! There’s been a bit of a plastic party happening below the waves, and not the kind we’re thrilled about.

In the sunny month of July, our marine heroes - 15 snazzy sea-cleaner boats operated by the stylish crew at the Mancomunidad de Municipios - sailed between Torremolinos and Manilva. Their treasure hunt? Plastic. A whopping 42.58 cubic meters of it! That's like...a lot of empty paella dishes stacked together!

Now, before you think they’re just in it for the plastic, they also went on a driftwood spree, collecting 5.22 cubic meters of wood, and were equally enchanted with 1.28 cubic meters of organic goodies. And let's talk about the algae bloom! They reeled in a plushy 3.80 cubic meters. So green, so lush!

The hotspots? Marbella floated up with 17.25 cubic meters of waste, while Benalmádena brought in a tight 5.40. Casares contributed a cheeky 0.95, Estepona threw in a cool 9.13, Fuengirola waved in 7.59, Manilva surfed up 3.81, Mijas dished out another 7.59, and Torremolinos rounded it up with a neat 5.40.

Now, a little birdie (or should we say, seagull?) named Manuel Cardeña, who happens to be the prez of the Mancomunidad, whispered in our ear: “Folks, let’s keep our seas as clean as our dance moves. No more plastic cha-chas in the ocean, okay?'

Don't fret! Our nautical knights will be on their marine steeds, cruising the coastlines till September 7th, making waves from 8 am to 4 pm during the week and living it large from 10 am to 6 pm on weekends and holidays. Because, you know, even heroes need their siestas!

So, next time you're soaking up the sun, remember: keep it clean, keep it green, and let’s keep the Costa del Sol ever serene! 

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